Internet Access Services

Dial-up Accounts

  • Various subscription plans for varied Internet needs
  • Roaming and non-roaming
  • Adjustable for personal, group or corporate usage
  • Dial-up lines from various telecom companies
  • 56 Kbps lines at no extra cost

Dedicated Direct Links

  • No busy signals
  • Modem dial-up number dedicated to your exclusive use round-the-clock
  • MosNet Direct/D account allows access to Internet using an asynchronous dial-up router

Leased Line Connections

  • Unlimited, continuous access
  • Moznet Direct/L account provides leased-line connection to the Internet for enhanced performance and reliability
  • We can help you obtain a 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps or an E1 leased line from telecom companies
  • We can help you establish nationwide intranets through high-speed links all over the country

Globelines ISDN Dial-up Accounts

  • Quick, reliable Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) service package
  • No interruptions to Internet connection when making voice calls or sending fax messages while online
  • Pre-requisite: Globelines ISDN account
iPass Global Roaming
  • Get local-call access to the Internet from every major city in the world
  • Roam in more than 8,000 points-of-presence in 150 countries using only your MosCom account

Multi-Tenant DSL

  • Ideal for hotels, apartments, condominiums and building owners
  • Wire up your buildings with high-bandwidth "always on" Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet access for tenants.
  • High-speed Internet connectivity ideal for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SOHOs)
  • Also for Small Office-Home Office (SOHOs) set-ups.
  • A symmetric broadband connection
  • High-speed connection from 64Kbps to 2 Mbps both uplink and downlink
  • Send and receive high speed data such as application programs, streaming audio and video
  • An ISDN-based DSL connection
  • Always-on connection that guarantees no busy signals, no downtime
  • Transfer rates up to 128 kbps
  • Managed and low cost access to the global Internet that can handle all forms of IP traffic (e.g. email, file transfer or access to the world wide web)

Mobile Services


  • Access your MosCom account status anytime, anywhere with your Globe or Smart mobile phone
  • Provides helpful info using keywords sent through your phone's SMS or text messaging service
  • Each mobile request costs P2.00 for cell phone plan subscribers and P2.50 for cell phone prepaid subscribers


  • Receive alerts on your mobile phone whenever you receive an email
  • Specify which senders, email subjects, or recipient addresses will trigger an SMS alert on your mobile phone
  • Monthly recurring fee: P50 with Free 20 messages. P2/message in excess
  • Available to all MosCom subscribers with an e-mail account in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Baguio

Data Center Services

Hosting Services
No need to set up your own server/network or get leased lines. Set up your permanent Internet identity and presence at our world-class data centers in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

  • Mailbox Hosting. Set up a mailbox with as many e-mail accounts as you want.
  • Domain Name Hosting. We can host your exclusive domain name or assist in getting your own domain name identity.
  • Website Hosting. No need to hire a system administrator. House your website on our server. You can also have your website mirrored at MosCom USA for faster access by an international audience.
  • Web Server Co-Location. No need to get a leased line connection. Save money by parking your web server in our office, complete with uninterrupted power supply, back-up generators, and physical protection.

Application Hosting Services

  • House your exclusive or specialized software applications in our 24-hour Data Centers for easy access to clients.
  • Expand your market and enable e-commerce and e-business strategies to increase corporate productivity and efficiency.

VPN Services

Secure your corporate network. We can design and configure your corporate intranet or Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Internet access and IPSEC security. Firewalls can be added for extra security.

Communications Services

Studio-based Videoconferencing

Hold meetings with people outside your geographical area without leaving your location. We can host your video-conferences at our Business Centers here in the country and/or in California.

Internet-based Corporate Multimedia Communications

Deploy cutting-edge data, voice, and video communications facilities and services over our nationwide and overseas broadband infrastructure. Connect your scattered workgroups and sites with real-time, high-speed networked communications.


We can provide distance education and entertainment services to audiences nationwide via our high-speed satellite broadcast facility.

Event Connectivity Services

We can help you set up high-speed networked communications in your premiere events. We can connect your exhibitors, conference participants, clients, and remote audiences together with broadband and network facilities set up on-site at your event venues.

Other Services

  • Email-to-Fax service.
  • Integrated network, intranet, and Internet services for corporate subscribers, including exclusive direct links.
  • We can design a data communications plan for your requirements with a mix of leased-line, dial-router, modem, and server solutions.
  • We can provide a range of pre-configured dedicated servers with built-in Internet applications like proxy setup, mail, FTP, and the World Wide Web
  • We can also help you with the following:
    - Installation of a Pentium-based UNIX or Linux Internet server 
    - Assistance in procuring a Windows NT server with Microsoft Commercial Internet Server
    - Installation of network hardware and software components


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